Financial interim management

If you hire a financial interim manager via Aficon, we will relieve you in the area of managing your financial department. Leadership skills is a natural for Ruud Albronda. Within each company it is important that someone is responsible for managing the execution of activities and setting priorities. Only in this way is it ensured that work is carried out in the right way. Do you need support in this area? We at Aficon have gained a lot of experience and knowledge and can fill in the need within your company in a familiar way.

Financial interim management in operational sense

Founder / owner Ruud Albronda has long-term experience with interim management.
This allows him to respond quickly to ongoing processes and to acquire the company-specific characteristics. With his passing, he carries out a natural predominance. This helps to ensure that the coordination between employees and the temporarily appointed manager runs smoothly. This includes connecting people and processes to one of its distinctive styles or co-operative management. With a clear approach, he wants to make his involvement with the client and employees visible. A lot of value is attached to achieving results and giving employees responsibilities. Our vision is to bring out the best in people and processes.

We have further helped various internationally-oriented companies such as Friesland Campina, Vrije Universiteit, Deutsche Bank, Givaudan, Johnson & Johnson, ICL, MRC Transmark, and Wella with our management style and expertise. A financial interim manager of Aficon has proven himself in the functions and responsibilities:

Financial manager

  • Implement the daily operational management of the financial team
  • Developing the financial policy and administrative organization (AO / IC);
  • Solving administrative organizational processes and issues;
  • Set up Shared Services;
  • Connecting administrative processes with business processes
  • Drafting fast-close programs and executing annual accounts;
  • Set up and implement the tax liability system;

Manager AP / AR

  • Implement the day-to-day management of the financial team
  • Organizing the basic administration SSC in terms of organization and teams;
  • Configuring invoice processes incoming and outgoing;
  • Optimizing the payment process and internal controls thereof
  • Setting up the collection process and procedures;
  • Validation of sales (statistics) and costs and analysis thereof;
  • Connecting subsystems and subsidiary systems with ledger;
  • Responsible for master data debtors & creditors;
  • Monitors of the month end processes;
  • Workflow management;
  • Training and coaching of employees;


  • Implementing the daily management of (assistant) controllers;
  • Set up the month end of the activity planning and responsibilities;
  • Set up and implement the month-end reporting, analyzes and balance sheet specifications;
  • Carry out internal controls;
  • Realize connection with subsystems such as Material Assets, Stocks,
  • Processing of supplied journals from auxiliary systems (e.g. wages, stock, production);
  • Monitoring intercompany ratios and elimination processes;
  • Preparation of the annual accounts and bridge states;
  • Applying IFRS, Dutch and US GAAP

Need support for operational management?

Do you also think that Aficon is the right partner for your company with regard to financial management? Please contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you and gladly contribute to the success of your needs.


Since 1993 we carry out assignments for our customers. The need for temporary operational management comes to the fore if temporary support is needed in case of:

- Absence of the employee involved

- Organizational changes

- Project activities

Aficon is then the perfect partner to fill the operational management in a responsible manner.

Our approach is always based on:

- Leadership

- Teamwork

- Vision and  Strategy

- Confidence