Project management

A new method? A new system? Change of legislation? Or a policy decision for a personnel or process reorganization? For such issues a project approach is regularly proposed and a project manager is appointed to realize the set goals. Do you also need support in this area? Aficon has experience and specialization that can help you with this. Thanks to our years of experience with various projects, we can offer support on the indicated topics. We immerse ourselves in your issues, wishes and objectives, so that your project can be integrated in a responsible manner and made a success.

Your wishes on the right track

If you set up a project, you naturally want to achieve visible results within a limited time and the budget you have set. Our wishes are managed on the basis of our project management program. Do you need support in managing projects? Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience, Aficon is the specialist that will unburden you.

Project management experience

Founder / owner Ruud Albronda has long experience in project management. He has been involved in various large-scale projects at, among others, Friesland Campina, Unit4, Vrije Universiteit, Deutsche Bank, Givaudan, Johnson and Johnson and ICL. These projects were heavily focused on management, process improvements, transitions and change management. Thanks to his expertise, many successes have already been achieved.

Interim project manager

An interim project manager has a different point of view on your company and specializes in managing and managing various campaigns. A project manager works on the basis of budgets, a tightly planned plan, repetitive meetings and sprint activities.
For which type of projects did Aficon use our method?

P2P-S2P workflow management

The desire for such a project is that there is a need for an integrated invoice processing and authorization program with an option for creating purchase orders.

  • Optimization of legacy systems prior to renewal
  • Guidance of clean-up actions;
  • Performing a point-wise analysis and testing, on the current work processes;
  • Advice and request for quotation (RFQ);
  • Coordinate with purchasing and analysis of the purchase order and invoice process;
  • Connecting the financial department with purchasing and stakeholders in the business
  • End-to-end (re-) implementation of your workflow system including Go-live plan, testing, training, communication and aftercare;
  • Specialist Accounts Payable guidance, training and coaching and aftercare;
  • Translate the purchasing policy into Purchase order system and its implementation in business operations


Transition management

If there is a need for a central control or execution of processes, use is made of transferring activities or personnel to inside or outside the company. During execution of assignments for transition management these have occurred in the categories:

  • Outscourcing: transferring of administrative processes to an external shared service center;
  • Insourcing: transferring of administrative processes to an internal shared service center;
  • Implement task change as a result of organizational adjustments within the financial team or stakeholders of other teams;

ERP implementation (SAP)

Renewal of your actual ERP system. Such implementations will have a big impact on the company and such a process of change is accommodated at large parties, other than Aficon.
Where is our expertise usefull?
During execution of assignments for ERP implementation, we have partly carried out project activities in the field of finance and administration:

  • Optimization of legacy systems prior to the new work environment
  • End-to-end implementation of the new ERP system
  • Carry out the following part of projects:
  • Preparation of planning and programs regarding Go-live, testing, training, communication and aftercare;

SOX (USA form)

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) has emerged on the basis of the so-called ENRON scandal. Two senators have taken care of laws and regulations regarding good governance and internal control methodologies. As a result, companies established in the Netherlands that are affiliated in any way with an American company are obliged to follow the SOX legislation.

Where is our expertise in this area used?
During execution of assignments for SOX implementation we have carried out part project activities in the area of finance and administration:

  • Implementing SOX compliancy within the administrative organization
  • Develop and implement test programs;
  • Treating questionnaires;
  • Guides for Compliance, corporate governance, code of conduct;


Need support for project management?

Would you also like to experience what support for project management can bring to your company? Then we advise you to contact us. We are happy to assist you and help you so that your project is carried out successfully.


Aficon has a specialization for solving issues and a proven approach for projects. No project is similar or to be compared therefore this requires customization.

Our approach is based on the Agile concept, the practical implementation is coordinated with the client.


In what projects did Aficon offer support?

- P2P-S2P Workflow management

- O2C management

- R2R implementation

- Transition management

- ERP implementation

- SOX implementation

- VAT, CBS, Excise management